“Window into the Outer Hebrides” series.


This series is a collection of eye-catching A1 size fine-art framed posters prints.  


My youth was an era when posters were on point. It only cost pennies to purchase an A1-sized poster and stick it up on your wall. A poster was your way of making a bold statement about yourself. And, because of its size, it was very prominent.


Today, these posters still evoke the same feelings and values. But like most things in life, you have moved on. Instead of famous pop stars, you now want something that expresses your lifestyle and complements your home. You have graduated to a more fine art approach but with the same tactile feel of ink on paper.


And you have assuredly abandoned sticky tape to display your posters. Instead, you now want a stylish frame to reflect your new grown-up outlook on life.


Clisham Studio’s panoramic poster series meets this aesthetic perfectly, pairing nostalgia with contemporary design. The “Photographic window into the Outer Hebrides” range blends high-quality paper and ink for a typical matte poster print. The poster is then framed, and clear-as-glass perspex is the finishing touch to protect the poster and make it easy to keep clean. In addition, a microfibre cloth is included with each poster to avoid scratching or clouding the perspex. 

A1 size fine-art framed posters


For me, it was the logical next step to reimagine the poster. I changed the perspective from portrait to landscape orientation to better fit my panoramic photos. Hence, they now literally look like photographic windows into the Outer Hebrides. 


The poster series sits well in a contemporary home design to showcase the epic landscape and the resilience of people living at the edges of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the panoramic posters are undeniable conversation starters that spark good memories of past trips and inspiration for future island explorations.


Visually the beauty of the Hebridean landscape with its panoramic ‘big sky’ views is nourishment for the mind and a great way to relax and rejuvenate. A landscape poster is an oasis of calm and an opportunity to keep life in perspective in today’s hectic modern lifestyle.


My panoramic posters are a contemporary representation of the world’s beauty, presented in a form that harks back to when life was more simple.