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Side by Side

I am excited to start a new collaborative film project with creator David Simpson. Following the success of 'Women of Pairc', we are embarking on an even larger production this time: Pairc Road.

As part of my research, I went to Sildinis, the first village when you enter the Pairc District. Central in the documentary is the road. In this photo, you can see the old path leading to Sildinis and the raised new road next to it. The road was built in the 1920s.

Walking on the old road, I imagined the people walking here hundred years ago. In the past the Head of Loch Erisort was a good place for catching herring. Today, they harvest kelp.

The road into Pairc from the spinal road, going around the Head of Loch Erisort. This is the only road in and out of the district.

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