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Road Art, the road to Gravir

On the right, the Caversta River, flowing down to Loch Erisort. To the left, part of the old single-track road and the 'new' road single carriageway next to it, cutting through the hills, continuing as a single-track road towards Gravir.

On maps from before 1920, there is no connecting path or road to Gravir. The means of transport in those days were by boat. All villages in Pairc are around bays.

Research for the film production 'Rathad' has found records from 1900, talking about how challenging and dangerous crossing the moors would have been. A request for a road was made by the communities, and it would take more than 20 years for the first road to be built..

From this perspective, it is clear how rugged the landscape is and how difficult it would have been to navigate the 3 miles to Gravir.

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