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Cailleach in the snow

She is also called the 'Sleeping Beauty', and she is associated with the creation of the landscape and with the weather, especially storms and winter.

Once every 18.6 years, a phenomenon takes place at this range of hills. The moon is 'given birth' by the cailleach, and straddles just the top of the hills and descends behind her head. Then reappears from the glen next to the Clisham before setting. There are standing stone arrangements throughout the Isle of Lewis aligned with this movement of the moon.

This year, she has her winter with snow and ice. The storms will not be far away.

In the foreground, one of the peat roads is part of the Hebridean Way. In the middle Balallan on the shores of Loch Erisort. On the south side of Loch Erisort is Sildinis in Pairc, South Lochs. Behind that, the lady herself.

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