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Collection: 'Dramatic Pairc'

Pairc is one of the most remote rural districts in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Situated on the east coast of the Isle of Lewis, it is almost surrounded by two fjord-like sea lochs and the Atlantic sea channel, the Minch. 


It is said that the landscape of Pairc, also known as South Lochs, is as dramatic as its history. 


The residents have lived through the infamous clearances, evicting them from their land, leaving hundreds of families in Pairc starving. Desperation drove them to protest, organise raids and reclaim their land.


Over-population and two world wars happened, followed by the loss of wealth due to depopulation, causing a breakdown of the ecosystem that had been in place for the last two centuries.


The Pairc residents are resilient people, and in 2015, they completed the purchase of the Estate, and now the local community owns Pairc, South Lochs. They finally have control over their land and destiny. 


The collection presents dramatised panoramic images of the epic scenery typical of the Pairc area. The rugged hills, moorland, and lochs under the big skies defy the harsh North Atlantic storms and rain. People living here belong here.


The stories of resilience, defiance and beauty of the people and their natural environment are a continuous source of inspiration to me. I hope that by sharing the 'Dramatic Pairc' collection, you can connect with this experience.


I pledge that 5% of the sales profit will be distributed to Pairc community initiatives. 

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