Intriguing Gaelic heritage fine art landscape aerial and ground photography and videography from the Outer Hebrides of  Scotland

The visual beauty of the Hebridean landscape is mesmerising—an epic and photogenic backdrop to the people living here on the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean. 


I have especially curated a fine art photo collection to celebrate the Gaelic heritage of this unique landscape.


Please continue to learn more about how the history and the people living here, past and present, have inspired me to create this exclusive collection.   


Gaelic heritage inspiration for a curated framed photo collection

Living, travelling and hiking through the isles, you cannot fail to experience the inherited Nordic and Gaelic traditions, monuments, and culture. These are still deeply imprinted on the islands to this day and inform and give meaning to many in today’s daily life. 

Each hill, glen, valley, loch, beach, or built heritage has a name and a story attached. The more I  hear these stories, the more I appreciate the landscape. 

Gaelic is the founding language of Scotland: Gaelic Language & History 

I do not have Gaelic, but I ask the locals as they are invariably the best storytellers in Gaelic or English. When they speak, I sense this deep connection with their environment. They do not live here. They belong here. They are the essential fabric that makes up the Outer Hebrides. 

From Hebridean Connections to scenic pictures 

Entitled, 'Fìor dhaoine, fìor bheatha, Real people, real lives,' thousands of records on the genealogy, history, traditions, culture, and archaeology have been collated and made available online through the Hebridean Connections website


This site is a wonderful information resource for people with connections to the island or interested in exploring the island's heritage. It is also inspiring to read the stories, learn about the past, and understand the island as it is today. 

The resources largely rely on the archival records of various local historical societies (comainn eachdraidh) and member organisations, with valuable input from Hebrideans and their descendants worldwide. 


Being an islander for over twenty years, I am in the privileged position of hearing first-hand the stories told by the locals. Their anecdotes help to interpret the landscape and understand it. I am not merely capturing whatever is in front of the camera; I am connecting with what I see. Thus profound connection helps inspire me to bring out the landscape’s panoramic beauty.

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Pairc, South Lochs' dramatic scenery in panorama

Pairc in the district of South Lochs has piqued my interest. This is simply because of its outstanding panoramic scenery, the fjord-like sea lochs, picturesque villages often around bays, history, and its future potential as it is community-owned. 

The Comunn Eachdraidh Pairc, Pairc Historical Society website, provides a fascinating insight into the history of this peninsula. 


It is said that the landscape here is as dramatic as its history. And I can vouch for this being undeniably true.


The main reasons relate to Pairc’s backstory of land ownership, Clearances and the land struggles of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The historical society is the custodian of the Angus  Macleod Archive, which illuminates these past events in detail at their museum located at Ravenspoint in Kershader


Pairc in South Lochs has been created by two sea lochs, Loch Seaforth and Loch Erisort. It is connected to North Lochs by an isthmus. The villages skirt the coastline from Seaforth Head at Loch Seaforth, to Shiltenish located on Loch Erisort, and onward comprising the villages of Habost, Kershader, Garyvard, Caverstay,  Torostay, Cromore, Marvig, Calbost, Gravir, Lemreway, and Orinsay. 

I often join regular walks through the villages and surrounding areas that active community members organise. It is like walking through history. Everything you see has a tale to tell, and the past starts falling into place with what you see and experience. 

Motivated by these stories, I often return with my cameras to capture the spirit and soul of the scenery.


Over time I have assembled an extensive library of photos from Pairc and many other stunning areas in Lewis and Harris. . Curating this photo collection of epic Hebridean scenery has allowed me to share my fascination with this magical place. My passion is envisaging the breathtaking landscapes in photo frames perfect to grace a wall in any home or office. And, in my opinion, act as windows into the spirit of the Hebrides.

Ceud mìle fàilte - 'a hundred thousand welcomes'


But the story of the Hebrides is not merely about stunning landscapes; it is a story about its people.

Today, the landscape continues to show evidence of past cultivation that hints at the size of the population that lived here in the past. Crumbling remains of homes dot the land, slowly retaken by nature.

Time though has not erased the memory of these Gaels of times past. The character is still there, and so is the Gaelic spirit. 

Despite the trauma of centuries gone by, the people you meet are the most hospitable you will ever encounter. This warmth and connection to the past, I hope, comes across in my photo collection and my passion for the islands. 


Curated photo collection

The body of my photography work consists of framed photos created for the aesthetics and imaginative qualities of the epic beauty and heritage of the Western Isles. 


The photo series sits well within a contemporary home design or office to showcase the epic landscape and the resilience of people living at the ragged edges of the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, the images are undeniable talking points that help ignite memories of past visits and encouragement for future island adventures. 

Visually the beauty of the Hebridean landscape with its panoramic 'big sky' views is nourishment for the mind and a great way to relax and rejuvenate. 


A framed landscape photo is an oasis of calm and an opportunity to keep life in perspective in today's hectic modern lifestyle. 


Own an eye-catching photo from the exclusive Gaelic heritage  landscape collection 

The visual beauty of the Hebridean landscape is hypnotic—an epic and photogenic backdrop for those lucky enough to live here. My photography and videography at Clisham Studio is a metaphorical window into the essence of the Outer Hebrides. 

Purchasing your favourite framed photo from this exclusive collection adds the ‘wow factor’ to your home or office with an intriguing landscape picture. 

For Scotland's Atlantic islands are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

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Fàilte gu Innse Gall, Welcome to the Outer Hebrides

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