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Jan Schouten

Dutch born, I moved to Scotland in 1998. I have a creative business, the Clisham Studio based in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. 


At the moment, I work on several documentary projects connected to Pairc South Lochs, displaying its beauty, history and potential.

Recently, I completed a collaborative project titled 'Women of Pairc', a creation of local artist David Simpsons. I filmed, edited and produced the video presentations of the nine women taking part in the project. 

The islands' natural beauty and rich Gaelic heritage are an unending source of inspiration for photography and film projects. 

My portfolio comprises a wide range of works from collaborative assignments, producing B-roll material, short films about historical assets to content for destination marketing, sports reportage, real estate, company promotions, brand storytelling, documentaries, and art projects.

I am curious about the Scottish Gaelic heritage and passionate about working on creative projects with people who bring out the best of what the Outer Hebrides offers.

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