Sunset over Laxay, South Lochs, Isle of Lewis.

Laxay, South Lochs, sunset.

Fine Art Cinematic Aerial and Ground Photography and Videography in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

My work concerns the aesthetic visual quality of Scotland's Atlantic Islands. I do not merely capture what is in front of the lens; I want to create professional-quality photos and videos that make you feel intrigued, curious, and mesmerised. 

Image from the collection.

Callanish Stones IV, sunset.

Callanish Stones IV, sunset.

Freelance Photographer and Videographer Services 

My portfolio comprises a wide range of works from collaborative assignments producing short films about historical assets to content for destination marketing, sports reportage, real estate, company promotions, documentaries, and art projects. 

A short film: Eilean Chaluim Chille - A centre of early Christianity.

Eilean Chaluim Chille - A centre of early Christianity.
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I prefer working on creative projects with people who bring out the best of what the Outer Hebrides offers. My passion for this stunning place is its rich Gaelic heritage and welcoming locals. The Hebrides are a world-class visitor destination, and this drives me in my quest to create aesthetically quality footage. 

Are you looking for a local photographer or videographer?

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for an Outer Hebrides-based photographer or videographer for cinematic aerial and ground footage for your project about the islands. 

Woolly Cuteness

Clips of footage commissioned for a music project. 

Cinematic aerial footage

Professional drone technology makes aerial photography and videography accessible, allowing you to experience viewpoints never seen before. Places observed from another perspective will spark your curiosity. 


Flying through the Hebridean landscape helps tell scenic stories from an uninterrupted bird's eye view.


Clisham Studio keeps updated with the latest drone technology and offers UHD, 4K, and even "Cinema" 4K ProRes films. 

Curated Photo Collections Entitled "Gaelic Heritage Landscapes" 

Over time, I have accumulated a library of photos and videos from different projects. Due to the pandemic, my latest work has concentrated on the Isle of Lewis, where I live, but plans are afoot to go to Uist to complement the collection. 


So I thought of curating a photo collection celebrating the epic Hebridean scenery. I looked at the landscape as a backdrop for the people living here in the past and present. A collection of fine art framed photos is now available from my online shop: "Gaelic Heritage Landscapes Collection."

I explore the Outer Hebrides,
Story by Story!